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App Storage Locker
Product description


   HEADLEADER App storage locker is a secure storage space where people can store and pick up their articles by App on the cell phone. It aims at providing a better solution which replaces the traditional way of storage locker, allowing people to pick up their articles by App in their cell phone.


*  Welded steel construction
*  Anti-corrosive powder coating
*  Modular design for future capacity increase
*  App control locking & unlocking for each box
*  Checking the available devices list nearby on Google Map through APP
*  SMS notice for overdue collection
*  Standard software for both terminal & backend management

*  Operation & management log retrievable

Standard Dimensions:

(1)8 DOORS:Overall (mm)
S: 16* W415xH110xD450
M: 12* W415xH220xD450
L:  4* W415xH460xD450

(2)9DOORS: Overall(mm)
S: 16* W415xH110xD500
M: 16* W415xH217xD500
L:   4*  W415xH402xD500

Headleader App Locker solution package includes hardware, software, installation, field service and comprehensive professional support. The modular design and configurable locker sizes can be easily expanded as your fulfillment / delivery demand grows. 

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