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Laundry Locker - Convenient for Laundry Houses and Customers
2016-08-19 by Headleader Hit:1021 times

Piles and piles of dirty laundry often accumulate in customer’s closet until they run out of underwear and panic sets in. They are always too busy to wait at home for laundry worker to pick up or delivery the laundries.


APP based laundry lockers benefits laundry deliveries and receipts.


The operation is very easy - drop off laundry at one of the 24/7- accessible lockers and pick it up when it’s ready with a unique code, or just click “pick up” on mobile APP.


Laundry house takes less time in visiting each household to collect dirty laundries and less time in delivering laundry to doors.


The self-service laundry is easy to operate and is convenient for both the customers and the laundry workers. It keeps customers’ clothes clean and the packages harm-free, safe in a locker, ready for pick up by laundry workers.